Boston Shakespeare Project

Boston Shakespeare Project provides arts and humanities enrichment programs to Greater Boston's youth. 

Our Mission

Boston Shakespeare Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, provides arts and humanities enrichment programs for Greater Boston's underserved youth. We strive to promote a spirit of community and collaboration between local schools and universities, using Shakespeare as a bridge to connect young students with our teaching artists and mentors.

Our programs are designed to

  • Offer early, exciting encounters with Shakespeare in text and performance
  • Enrich language arts learning
  • Strengthen critical thinking and writing skills
  • Foster 21st-century skills such as communication and collaboration
  • Inspire creativity and build confidence 
  • Promote a spirit of mentorship and civic engagement on college campuses
  • Inspire young students on the path to higher education

Our Impact

  • Our programs reach over 2,000 students each year.
  • To date, over 80% of the students we serve qualify for free or reduced lunch. 
  • Only 5% of the students in our audiences have ever seen a live Shakespeare performance.
  • After our shows, 95% of students want to see more plays and learn more about Shakespeare.
  • 100% of teachers surveyed believe our programs offer an exciting and enriching context for the language arts work they do in the classroom.
  • 100% of after-school participants report feeling more connected to their peers.
  • 90% of after-school participants report feeling more confident about public speaking and presentation skills.
  • 90% of after-school participants report improved reading comprehension skills.
  • 100% of after-school participants feel more confident and enthusiastic about studying Shakespeare's poetry and plays in school.
  • Our after-school programs offer young students sustained exposure to mentors who model intellectual curiosity, strength of character, and a passionate engagement in the arts.
Boston Shakespeare Project is what excellence in education is all about.
— Middle School Literacy Coach

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